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According to Forbes, "ecommerce continues to grow by 19 percent each year," which is far greater than offline retail. As of 2019, ecommerce is a $3.46 trillion industry in the United States. By looking at the numbers, it's safe to say; "the ecommerce industry is a flourishing network." Shopify powers nearly a million merchants. They're also the top ecommerce building platform online. If you're new to the Shopify platform or looking to redesign your brand, keep reading more details to learn how to build brand loyalty. 


Common Factors That Influence Brand Loyalty 

Before we discuss how to build loyalty, let's discuss "what" contributes to your brand loyalty because that's also essential to meeting your goals of quality customer retention. Here's the consumer statistics: 


  • 86% say; trustworthiness and safeguarding privacy builds loyalty 
  • 81 say; being there when needed influences their purchasing decision 
  • 69% say; acknowledging their loyalty promotes continued loyalty 
  • 51% say; being offered the latest products or up-to-date services brands loyalty 
  • 42% say; friends and family want to do business encourages loyalty 


Credit: Shopify


These are only a few factors that influence the loyalty of your customers. 


My Ecommerce Conversion Is Low! How Do I Build Brand Loyalty On Shopify? 


Optimize Your Store Appearance

Much like a brick and mortar store, customers are attracted to your retail by your shop features. Whether it's a banner, a promotion, or a display, offline shoppers use these details to decide to shop with a specific retailer. The same is true for your ecommerce store. Does your online shop have curb appeal? If you want to build brand loyalty, create a unique shopping experience from your shop landing page.


For example, offer your biggest promotions on your online storefront or create an eye-catching banner relevant to your audience. The CX (i.e. customer experience) is the new brand. Design your online store appearance to give your users an experience that outmatches the competition. Create an attractive store appearance with popular 50% offers, sales items, or just-in merchandise. 


Reward Customer Loyalty 

Simply put, customers want to be rewarded for being loyal to your brand. Many retailers currently use a reward program to attract loyal customers and your ecommerce can too. If you start a loyalty program, it should be clearly visible on your Shopify store.


A good loyalty program will guarantee your customers a reward. When it comes to a rewarding your customers for choosing your brand, your loyalty program should guarantee customer success. Offering incentives for customers referring their friends or additional savings for purchasing an item, can create brand loyalty. 


An insufficient loyalty program can drive your customers to a competitor network. Here's what your Shopify ecommerce should avoid with your loyalty program.


• Took to long to earn incentive 

• Irrelevant rewards 

• Too many or irrelevant communication


You want to create a strong, yet consistent reward opportunity to avoid customers abandoning your loyalty program. Using a multi-level spending tier is also a great way to optimize your loyalty program. As a bonus, remember, loyalty rewards can also generate leads. 


Use Customer Retention Apps On Shopify

A Shopify customer app gives businesses an opportunity to capture the attention of loyal customers through social media, contests, loyalty programs, and more. Shopify apps are merchant-customer friendly and contain features like product and site reviews, marketing automation, upsell and cross sell thank you page, connect your store to MailChimp, email social proof, text messaging w/GIFs, two way SMS messaging, Black Friday inclusion, and more. Technology has changed the way many businesses network. It's time to let technology work for your ecommerce and improve your customer loyalty. 


Multiple Payment Options/Plans 

Many customers will jump ship because your payment methods are too complicated or they couldn't afford your products or services. If you want to build customer loyalty and avoid cart abandonment, your payment process should be extremely easy and protected. 


If you run a seasonal business, offer your customers payment options that allow them to pay a little over time. One case study found, that customers who were given an opportunity for a payment plan actually remained loyal and referred their friends and family. Ecommerce has the potential to grow nearly 400 percent in sales with multiple payment options. You can bring in cash during the slow season and your customers can save a little money with optimized payment options. 


Excellent Engagement & Customer Service 

Businesses are losing out on $75 billion annually due to poor customer service. Customers want their questions and concerns addressed in a timely manner. Consequently, customer engagement and customer service go hand in hand. In fact, your customers will keep their experience with your brand on the top-of-the-mind whether it's good or bad. Your ecommerce should always provide over the top customer service and be extremely attentive to your customer's need to drive brand loyalty. 


Customer loyalty is important to a business of any size. According to the statistics, repeat customers spend more than new customers. When an individual has shown interest in your brand, work hard to retain those customers. Your loyalty must exceed competitor networks because customers will go where they have a better CX.


Most customers prefer having their needs met with one online shop rather than shopping with several ecommerce outlets. If you're looking for real ways to improve your customer loyalty, it's important to implement the strategies above and research other ways that may work for your brand. 


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