6 Ways to Optimize Your Shopify Product Page for Conversions
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Shopify has become a top eCommerce giant following the increase in online purchases. As of 2021, the platform boasts at least  2.1 million daily users and has processed more than one billion purchase orders.

As Shopify continues to grow, the level of competition has become fierce as well. As such, store owners need to develop unique and engaging ways to outshine the competition, and one great way is to improve and optimize the product page.

In this article, we will discuss the top areas on your product page that you should focus on to increase traffic and the rate of conversions.

What Is A Product Page In Shopify?

A product page is a page that contains your products and their descriptions. If your homepage is impressive, online buyers often move into the product page to view the products on display and check their specifications. 

Therefore, the product page helps consumers decide whether they will buy from you or not. That's why it's essential to keep your product page functional, easy to use and impressive.

The four main vital things to keep in mind when creating your product page are:

  • The products should be informative and appealing
  • The product display should prominently represent your brand
  • The copywriting should be influential and truthful to buyers
  • The page design should be user friendly

With that in mind, here are the specific methods to optimize your product page, increase user engagement and drive more traffic.

6 Ways to Create a High-Converting Product Page In Shopify

1. Write a Compelling Product Title and A Description

Online shoppers browse through your website to find specific products. So, the first step is to ensure your products have a compelling title and descriptions

The Title

Your product title should contain the primary keywords. You can conduct keyword research to know what buyers search for that specific product. You can also check the choice of words used by your competitors when writing the product titles. If possible, the title should have a large font for visibility and include the product's key elements.

The Description

Product descriptions should be clear and simplified, considering that 20% of purchase failures happen because of unclear product descriptions. Moreover, great product descriptions can increase conversion rates by 78%.

An SEO friendly product description should highlight the following:

  • The benefits of the product
  • How the use the product
  • Key features
  • Why buyers should buy your product, and not from competitors

2. Include High-Quality Product Images

The visibility of your product plays a vital role when it comes to gaining more conversions. Even after creating an appealing product title and description, the user will need to see an image/video to confirm what you have written. 

Do you have high-quality product previews? If not, invest in good photography to capture the best photos for your products. You can also create videos to provide more details on your products further.

Note: you can edit the background of your photos to be white. A white background makes your photos visible and appealing.

3. Highlight a Clear Call to Action

You have provided the correct product details, and users are impressed. But can they add the product to the cart? Call to action is a vital aspect of your product page, so you shouldn't leave it out.

The ideal call to action should be clear, visible and straightforward. Users should not struggle to find it. Right below the product description and pricing, you should add the option "add to cart" so your customers can buy from your store with ease.

4. Show Reviews and Testimonials

Your products page is like the landing page because that's where online buyers spend most of the time. So, you can provide some social proof to convince potential buyers scrolling down your product page.

More than 95% of online buyers check reviews before making a buying decision, and studies show that some customers trust reviews more than product descriptions.

The Shopify App Store has many review apps that allow your clients to leave reviews once they buy from you. Get the app of your choice to gather the reviews you need for your Shopify product page.

5. Upsell and Cross-Sell, But Don't Overdo It

Shopify allows sellers to show related products to buyers (upselling and cross-selling). Both cross-selling and upselling are great selling tactics considering that the primary role of the product page is to sell.

However, you should not oversell your products. When buyers visit your product page, they have a product in mind they need. So, too many additional offers or links to other products may actually be a turn off to your buyers. The banners can be spammy, and they may distract the buyer from reviewing the product they need or from finishing the buying process.

Remember to keep your buyers focused on what they need, even if you promote your other products. By doing so, you will increase customer experience, which translates to higher traffic.

6. Ensure Your Shelves Are Not Completely Empty

Anyone who visits your product page has some interest in your products, so you shouldn't lose them at any chance. For instance, if the product is sold out, you should not allow the customer to slip off. Your product page should have an option where customers can leave their contact details and get an alert when you restock the product.

Many Shopify themes come with an inbuilt functionality where users can leave their details for notifications. Utilize it so you can keep those potential leads.

Key Takeaway

Your product page determines whether the user will buy from you or leave. As such, you should ensure your product page is well structured and has the vital details to avoid the frustrations of having potential buyers leave.

If you plan to create a high converting sales campaign for your Shopify online store, follow the tips above and seek help where possible. Also, don't forget to reward your customers to retain them.

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